: Photos des rallyes moto enduro motololo.

Photos des rallyes moto enduro motololo organisés par Loic (L-O-Organisation - loo). Rallye de la Dive : enduro moto verte et quad dans les deux-sevres motololo. NoctoRando : enduro moto verte et quad de nuit dans les deux-sevres motololo. TransVendéenne : enduro moto verte et quad en vendée. motololo
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Relax !

Relax !

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1. Le 12.05.14, Joel a écrit:

Dear Vivienne (or another art lover),Around two years ago, mllaphoricatey, I was the perfect example of a sponge. I Wandered around passively, conformed to society's mainstream norms, and sucked up information without critically considering it. With maturity I began to critically question my sedate acceptance of “truth” and as a result unearthed your active resistance manifesto. I have grown bored of television (a statement hard to express in a culture where it is unfortunately given central importance) and now have an avid passion for reading, art and philanthropy. My thoughts and actions have become more autotelic and active. Despite being called a “tree hugger” I wear a Cool Earth T-shirt with a sense of pride and regularly visit museums etc. I have found your work extremely inspiring and your fashion somewhat liberating, helping me to jump off the “hedonic treadmill”. I would like to take the opportunity to express by thanks!Are Active Resistance Badges still available? one would be considered an asset to my Leonard Peltier and DARWIN lapel pin

2. Le 26.05.14, lunettes oakley a écrit:

Relax !

3. Le 30.05.14, besace longchamp a écrit:

Relax !

4. Le 04.06.14, christian louboutin a écrit:

Relax !

5. Le 28.06.14, presently paying a écrit:

That's not even 10 minutes well spent!

6. Le 09.07.14, unexpected losses a écrit:

I read your post and wished I was good enough to write it

7. Le 01.08.14, catuaba ginkgo a écrit:

This is both street smart and intelligent. > > La Dive I 2014 (Mars) > Relax !